Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Principle of Adsorption and Adsorption Processe D.M Ruthven -The first up-to-date summary and review for the fundamental principles and industrial practice of adsorption separation processes in more than 30 years. Emphasizes the understanding of adsorption column dynamics and the modeling of adsorption systems, as well as fundamental aspects of kinetics and equilibria.

Table of content:
List of Symbols.

Microporous Adsorbents.

Physical Adsorption and the Characterization of Porous Adsorbents.

Thermodynamics of Adsorption.

Correlation, Analysis, and Prediction of Adsorption Equilibria.

Diffusion in Porous Media.

Kinetics of Sorption in Batch Systems.

Flow Through Packed Beds.

Dynamics of Adsorption Columns: Single-Transition Systems.

Dynamics of Adsorption Columns: Multiple Transition Systems.

Chromatographic Separation Processes.

Adsorption Separation Processes: I. Cyclic Batch Systems.

Adsorption Separation Processes: II.

Continous Counter Current Systems.




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