Saturday, 14 January 2012

What is mass transfer ?
The transport of one constituent from a region of higher concentration to that of a lower concentration.Mass transfer occurs when a component in a mixture migrates in the same phase or from phase to phase because of a concentration difference between 2 point.

Mass transfer is also very important in bio-separations, biomedicine, drug delivery, artificial organ, etc

General Molecular Transport  Equation for Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer
Driving force for mass transfer stands for gradient concentration.

Examples of Mass Transfer Phenomena
  • A drop of blue liquid dye is added to a cup of water
         clear fluid     +     red dye      =         pink water

  • Sugar in a cup of coffee dissolves and diffuses to the surrounding solution
  • In a fermentation process, nutrients and oxygen dissolved in the solution diffuse to the microorganism
  • In a catalytic reaction, reactants diffuse from the surrounding medium to the catalysts surface where reaction occurs.
(Source : CJ. Geankoplis, Transport Processes and Separation Principles, 4th ed., 2003)

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